31st Union




From the beginning, 31st Union was built on a belief that great games come from a passionate team committed to quality and innovation, empowered by an intentioned culture that places studio values at the forefront. We’ve been quietly and actively working on our new game for more than two years. Today, 31st Union just got a lot stronger in our pursuit of realizing our vision!

We are thrilled to share that our esteemed colleagues at elite3d have officially become a fully integrated part of our 31st Union development team. elite3d was founded by Jose Luis Queral and Oscar Ferrero 15 years ago with a mission of providing exceptional art content to their impressive roster of clients with a focus on building a thriving, healthy culture. Our new team members represent the absolute best the world has to offer in artistic vision and commitment to quality. Our growth as an international team will help fuel our creativity and achieve our ambitious goals.

"31st Union is built on a culture that champions inclusivity, talented individuals, and exceptional character. Diverse perspectives and experiences are a cornerstone to our growth as a team,” said Michael Condrey, President of 31st Union. “Given our ambitions and the scope of our game, welcoming aboard the incredible team at elite3d was an unbelievable opportunity. We are honored to welcome Oscar, Jose and everyone from elite3d into our development family and look forward to them pushing our studio to new heights and achieving our game aspirations.”

At 31st Union we will operate as one global team, Chasing the Horizon together in pursuit of our shared vision for an exciting new game universe. We are all working together on a single ambitious project, with individual teams at 31st Union including members from both Spain and the US.

Leading the 31st Union development effort in Spain is Alejandro Gil, Studio Manager - Valencia, an inspired leader who embodies our studio values. In this role, Alejandro will work directly with our new Valencia team members as steward of our working culture and commitment to a unified development team across continents.

“I joined 31st Union with the goal of expanding the team in Spain, which is where I come from, and attracting the best and most diverse talent available not only in Valencia, but throughout Europe,” said Alejandro. “And most importantly, with the goal to help craft and deliver the most exciting new IP I have been part of in my career. Having the elite3d team become part of the 31st Union family goes well beyond my most ambitious goals for the studio and the game. I have no doubt that our existing team in Spain along with our new team members from elite3d and the crew in California will craft something very special. This type of alignment doesn’t happen often, and I couldn’t be more thrilled about our future.”

Our studio growth into Spain and the inclusion of elite3d into the 31st Union family is incredibly exciting and energizing. Our belief that the best stories, richest characters and most inspired games are created by the most diverse teams fuels our passion in this space.

“These are the most energizing opportunities when it comes to building a full AAA team of developers with all disciplines represented,” said Brooke Grabrian, Head of Talent. “Building a best-in-class team of diverse developers that are highly talented with exceptional character has always been the foundation of our strategy and remains unwavering in the path ahead. Our mission of a highly diverse team of developers remains at our core as we seek to understand the unique opportunities and demographics of a new location as we continue to learn and grow as a team.”

Valencia is a dynamic, connected city rich with art, culture and technology. We are honored to be part of this vibrant community and will continue to invest in expanding our development team.

"Walking the talk of our Core Values is imperative in building our foundational value of THRIVE ON TRUST at 31st Union. With the wonderful news of the elite3d team joining us – and with the support we are receiving from 2K to live our dreams more quickly with this acquisition – we are witnessing the powerful effect that occurs when a group of intentional people commit to what they stand for,” said Suzanne Lettrick, Global Director of Culture. “We are thrilled to welcome the elite3D team to 31st Union and look forward to growing and inspiring the world through our work together.”

31st Union has great career opportunities in both Valencia and Silicon Valley. Check out our job openings here: https://thirtyfirstunion.com/careers/